AntX is a decentralized system for using its crypto assets in various projects for a single file key, which also has its full-fledged crypto currency and fast and cheap tranznacces and its stock exchange.

How it works ?:

The user at registration keeps to itself a key-file and remembers the password (as on MyEtherWallet). Then only he has access to it, not the system. Also, when registering, the User, if desired, fills in the Telegram login and synchronizes with TeleRobot. In the future, Telegram verification will be to connect a new device (tablet, phone, laptop), a new partner platform, withdrawal of funds (at a certain limit). In this case, the user can turn off TeleVerification when transferring the crypto-currency inside the system, incl. between their accounts and for exchange with other users of the exchange.

The decentralization of the System, providing its security and the trust of Users from the Scam of a particular exchange or a Partner, consists in the fact that in addition to the exchange this key file can be activated in the System partners to see and use all crypto accounts there. So for example, after opening the wallet in the system cРау or MM, the User receives there a key file (and synchronizes the Authorization with the Telegram), which he can then also bind to the AntX exchange and any other partners of the System and from there manage the crypt balance, not touching the exchange at all or cPay.

Some of the distinguishing features of the AntX system are:

The first distinctive feature of the AntX system from other exchanges, for example, is that by storing its crypto-currencies, for example on the Binance or Yobit exchange, in the event of technical or other problems of availability of the exchange, the User loses control over crypto-assets and may lose them as a whole. In the AntX system, a user can, using his key file and password, connect any of the System's partners and output crypto-agents through them to his third-party crypto accounts, incl. for example, to the same Binans or Yobbit exchanges, without worrying about the safety of the crypto currency, even if the AntX exchange or any of the Partners from whose site the User is used to managing crypto assets is not available. At the same time, neither the AntX exchange itself, nor any of the partners, has access to the user's crypto-assets and can not independently use or translate them, but does it only on behalf of the User with double / triple verification via Telegram and / or email.

The second distinctive feature of the AntX system is that the User does not need to spend some of the assets on the payment for mining and wait a long time to use his crypto assets in the system partners. For example, if a User has an account on Binance, and decided to buy something on Yobit, he needs to first translate, for example, Ether from Bananas to Yobit, and then buy something (for example, a new added currency) on Yobite. This is a double waste of strip and time. In our system, the user simply opens his wallet, which is attached to the key file on any Partner site and can immediately make purchases of services / goods / assets for the crypto assets available to him, without paying twice the commission to the miners and without spending twice as much time on execution of actions on transfer and waiting for transactions. At the same time, using the internal currency of the AntX system, the user can significantly save on the transactions themselves.

The third distinctive feature of the AntX system is its fast and cheap in terms of transactions, its own full-fledged AntX encryption. This currency is created on the basis of the initially secure Bitcoin code, but already many years improved and therefore optimal at the time of creation. AntX currency, despite the fact that it has mining (both POS and POW), has the best transaction rates at the time of creation, at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved at the expense of the improved currency code, at the expense of the own mining capacities of the system that develop along with the development of the system, as well as due to the fact that the currency was created not for placing on 100 different exchanges for the purpose of Pampa or for the purpose of creating systems of type CryptoKyttys (for which the Ether network hangs regularly), but solely to maintain the smooth and quick operation of the AntX system and its partners. At the same time, if you regularly use the products of partners of the AntX system, for example, MM club or cPay, then once you enter into your multicurrency crypto any of your crypto currency, you can exchange them for AntX coins (for a start at a fixed selling and repurchase rate, then on the market on the AntX exchange) and almost instantly and free of charge to transfer the currency within the system between its Partners.
The fourth distinctive feature of the AntX system is the decentralized system of partners. At the first stage of the project's development, two more developing systems MMclub and cPay became partners to the AntX system. That is, the security of the AntX system already has a degree of x3, using a multi-purse in any partner system, as described in the first distinctive feature. When the system develops, other partners will be added to it, correspondingly each time increasing the security of storing crypto assets for the user x4, x5, x6 .... But at the same time, in order not to miss the advantages described in the Third distinctive feature, the addition of new Partners will take place only at the same time as the capacity of the system for rapid transaction processing increases.

The fifth distinctive feature of the AntX system is the quick and cheap addition of new currencies to the exchange. At present, young Startups with good ideas often have to wait for months and pay a few Bitcoins for placing on the stock exchange in order to be able to collect investments for ICO or even for preICO, which complicates their work, and the society does not have new technologies that Startup wants to implement and thereby help in the development of society as a whole. On the exchange, AntX will be simple and intuitive (unlike some other exchanges with similar functions, such as a fully decentralized DEX), the system for adding a new crypto active. That is, any new Startup can practically independently (after passing a special registration) add its own crypto currency to the exchange. At the same time, when registering, the Exchange employees, and then all AntX system partners (on the basis of the POS principle) will be verified for anti-scams and other security of the new crypto active. That is, the new Startup can quickly, cheaply (a formal contribution for joining the system), but also guaranteed for Users become a new "Club Member", with all its advantages, incl. new users will be created, and the past will be updated, a multicore with a new crypto currency in the system, and it can also be immediately paid off in other partners of the system! At the same time, to the currency itself, which is patched in the AntX system, there will be more trust from Investors, because unlike tokens created on the basis of Waves or Ethereum or similar good themselves, the AntX system will store the new currency in the multi- It is already defended by the multi-partner system described in the first paragraph.

The sixth distinctive feature of the AntX system is the Escrow function. Currently, Escrow is assisted in buying / selling between the participants of the system Crypto-currency for Cri-currency or Finat-money, and of course this function will also be present on the exchange. But there will also be an Escrow function for commodity transactions. For example, the side "A" wants to buy goods from the side "B" (for example pizza with delivery in your city or car stereo from China to Europe, order a website design, buy any other goods / service, with delayed delivery time). Party "A" transfers the agreed amount in the agreed crypto currency to the special Escrow account of the AntX system and indicates that in the case of pizza delivery for example, within 30 minutes, the crypto currency is automatically written off in favor of the B side, if within 30 minutes of pizza, has the opportunity, for example, within 5 minutes after the set time of 30 minutes to write that "I am ready to pay for pizza only 50%." Party B can either accept and execute the order, then for example in the established maximum period, money is debited for example on the 50th minute to side B, but if pizza is still not on 45minute side A, for example, again makes a correction that is already ready to pay for example only 30% of the cost, and so long as the parties do not come to an agreement (the same can apply not only to the time, but also the quality of the goods / services, and the corresponding algorithms and instructions with examples will be posted for users on the exchange). If party B, for example, immediately refused to fulfill the obligations, or in the process, realizing that 50% of the pizza is small, and once did not have time for this client in 30 minutes, they can sell to another already ready for 70% of the price, for example, the penalty is written off in X% (agreed in advance between the parties or selected simply by standard check marks at the conclusion of the "contract of delivery") and from these X% to party A, which incurred losses / trouble from default by the party. In its obligation, Y% is deducted, and Z% remains system for participation in the Escrow contract and garant of its execution.

Other features of the AntX system you can see after its launch in the full version ...


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